How It Works

The Kulick Industries abutment system has three components which include the abutment cylinder, the retention platform, and the crown cylinder. The system includes all tools necessary to make the abutment.” Below is a description of how the system works.


Modify the provided abutment to correct any incorrect angles

In this case, no modification was required.


Select the retention platform with the desired screw size. Then place it at the desired location for ideal screw position.

Your desired location of the platform will vary depending upon the case.

Once the correct position is finalized, making sure the crown cylinder ends up in the desired position, the rest of the subgingival portion is waxed to provide the proper emergence profile.


The abutment is cast using standard casting techniques

Once the abutment is metal finished, you retap the threads.

* * A mini hand drill (shown above), corresponding taps are included.


The crown cylinder is then placed in the analog, the frame is waxed, and the cylinder is shortened to fit the case as needed


The crown wax up is then cast and metal finished

The finished crown with the screw hole in the perfect position

All screws are FDA approved.

Retention platform and crown cylinder can be used with any system and will be sold separately.

Retention screw is 1.4mm or 2.0mm in diameter.


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